IKEA Case Study SWOT Analysis & Sustainable Business Planning

IKEA Case Study
SWOT Analysis & Sustainable Business Planning

In this lesson, you’ll learn how IKEA’s goals of sustainability and environmental design are central to its business strategy and how SWOT Analysis is used to help reach its objectives.

This lesson has a different format from what you’ve been used to so far. You will have to download a PDF of the Case Study that we’ve provided and answer a few questions.
et’s get started. Please download the following PDF (a short, four-page document):


This Case Study is based on Situation Analysis
Take a few minutes to read the case study that you’ve just downloaded. This should take roughly 10-15 minutes. Then, answer the questions below.
Describe what is meant by a SWOT Analysis?
[Optional] Watch this parody video that IKEA released for their catalogue.
Link to this 2-minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRxPJcd0zDw
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