Entrepreneurship – Recap

Entrepreneurship – Recap

Introduction to Entrepreneurship
You have learned about:

– What entrepreneurship is

– The key qualities of a successful entrepreneur

– The common mistakes and how to avoid them

– The startup environment

– How to come up with ideas

The Lean Startup
You have learned about:

– The lean startup concept and philosophy

– How to create a business model canvas

– Defining your customer profile

– Drafting your value map

– How to conduct market research

– How to test your value proposition

– Tools to build your MVP

From Team to Company
You have learned about:

– Building your core team

– Finding/hiring employees, freelancers and mentors

– Choosing the appropriate legal structure

– Intellectual property

– The first steps in actually creating your business

– Building a financial model

– Pitching your startup 

Funding and Selling your Startup
You have learned about:

– what are the funding sources for your startup

– how crowdfunding works

– Raising equity/capital

– Startup valuation

– Selling your startup

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