2.4.19 Express Delivery

Express delivery. There are three global giants that dominate the global transportation landscape. DHL, FedEx, and UPS are powerhouses when it comes to transportation.
The way they make it work is they have local networks of terminals spread throughout the world. We’re here in front of a UPS terminal. As you see here, we have small pickup and delivery vehicles. They not only deliver products to local customers, but also pick up products from them. In the back of the building, here we see long haul vehicles right back there, with 53 foot trailers behind them. They’re used to move freight over long distances, connecting one terminal to the other. So what happens in a building like this? >> What happens in a building like this? >> Yeah. >> Well, a lot, a lot, everything. In the morning, see, when you come in, they do the unloading and then loading. >> Yeah, okay. >> So there’s really a large volume of packages goes out within a few hours. >> Awesome, I see all of the trucks on the road around 8 AM. >> Yeah, they have a lot of them. I think we have 200 or 250 small trucks going out in the morning.
>> Wow. What happens at those local terminals is goods come in from all over the world. They get consolidated and then sent to individual customers.
They also receive items from local customers,
sort them, and then ship them out all over the world.
And the way that works is through different modes of transportation. We use air most often in these cases because a lot of the goods they ship are time sensitive. They also use motor freight because it’s a ubiquitous mode, and we use it all over the world. And finally, they started using intermodal rail because it is very cheap and not that much slower. To connect a whole network, we need different pieces of equipment. We need our local pickup and delivery vehicles, which most of you have seen on your streets. We need the local terminals. We need a global network of airplanes and airports that connect the different local terminals. And we need the ability to use other transportation provider when we do not have that capacity. And that is how these global giants make logistics happen all over the world.

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