2.4.16 Flying Freight

Flying freight. This is the largest flower auction in the world. From here, flowers get sent all over the world. Once the flowers leave the flower auction in Amsterdam, they get here on a plane in less than 24 hours. So when I buy them at my local store, they’re still fresh. There’s several reasons why shippers are using air freight. The first and most important is speed. You can get it there as fast as possible. Number two is capacity. You are able to ship a wide variety of products by plane. And then, a third one is accessibility. You can get to pretty much any destination, even by air. It’s expensive, but when speed outweighs cost, air transportation is the way to go. Like trucking, this is a very competitive industry. It is hard to turn a profit because the biggest expense is fuel and prices are tied to fuel costs. Therefore no matter how high fuel is you rarely turn a profit. Not all planes are the same and we need different planes for different purposes. We have large all cargo planes that are just used for freight. We have smaller, narrow body planes, and a lot of cargo actually gets moved on commercial airlines as bally cargo. Airports work similarly to motor freight terminals. Goods come in, usually on truck then get loaded onto the planes and fly out. When they arrive at their destination, they land at the airport, planes get unloaded, you typically use drayage carriers which are small motor freight carriers for short distances and then, they probably go on a truck, towards their final destination.

Jim Rohn Sứ mệnh khởi nghiệp