2.4.13 The Importance of Logistics

You buy Italian loafers that were made in Milan, two days later they get delivered to your front door. You order red snapper for dinner, it was caught this morning a 1,000 miles away, supply chain logistics makes all of this happen. It makes it affordable for consumers, profitable for companies in a global economy. I’m Rudy Leuschner with Rutgers Business School, and I’m excited to teach you about logistics. Logistics! [LAUGH] I’m actually a Professor of Supply Chain Management, and we’re talking about logistics, so what are you doing here? Every modern company, from Apple to Zappos, lives, thrives, or dies by their ability to match supply with demand. If you’re considering a career in supply chain management, are already working in the field, are simply fascinated by how goods move around the globe, this course is for you.
Here we see a truck carrying several cars.

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