12. DMAIC and the Analyze Stage

DMAIC and the Analyze Stage. What I did here was to look at a couple of possible warehouses that we had on our previous list, and typically those are Amazon facilities.
I’m looking at Los Angeles, specifically City Hall in Los Angeles. And here is the distance between the warehouse at certain locations and City Hall in LA.
Now we see there are several ones in Phoenix, and one is in northern California, and two are in southern California, close to LA.
So the task will be to pick a location that is best suited to have our warehouse.
If you want extremely quick delivery, we would pick something in the LA area.
If we want to think about future expansion, we might consider something like this in northern California.
Or if we think we’re going to first expand into Arizona then we would pick something in Phoenix. Which yes it’s farther away, but it still fulfills our desire to have a warehouse that can deliver within two days to our customers. And we set ourselves up for the future.
So we have to weigh several options in this case.
And one of them, just to summarize, will be to stay in LA and deliver to there.
The other one would be to have a warehouse in northern California, which can also deliver to the San Francisco area.
But there will probably be a little bit further away from Phoenix. And both San Francisco and Phoenix are fairly big sized areas. And then finally would be to have a warehouse located in Pheonix, which would then deliver initially to LA. But when we expand to Phoenix it would deliver to Phoenix as well as to San Francisco.
Now looking at those distances, to me it seems logical that we would take one of the two Los Angeles locations because they are within 360 miles from Phoenix. They’re within 325, 330, maybe 350 miles from San Francisco.
So you know you already have LA covered within a day really. And you know Phoenix doesn’t add more than two days, San Francisco doesn’t add more than two days. It actually is a location that fulfills our needs into the future, already.
So if you narrow down your choices between these two locations, the only thing that remains is to look which location has capacity available. And which capacity would be more cost effective or more convenient looking at other factors.
Now if we take a look at Miami.
As we locate Miami, we have several locations that we could consider. One location is in Georgia, one is in Florida in Lakeland, Florida, one is in Ruskin, Florida.
We quickly can see that the Georgia location is still not within 500 miles so it has to be one of the two Florida locations. And picking between the two again really just becomes a matter of convenience or whatever is cheaper.
The nice thing about both of those locations is that they’re also within 500 miles of Atlanta. So Atlanta now, in our network, really becomes a situation where we can deliver from two warehouses within 500 miles. Now, that may seem like overkill, but looking at the population and looking at possible other cities we might want to expand to, this is actually a fairly good situation. We can reach Chicago with in 500 miles out of that location and Tennessee, but we can also reach Atlanta from that location. And then our new north Florida
location will be able to reach Atlanta and Miami with in two days

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