1. What is Supply Chain Sourcing?

[NOISE] Ever wonder why you can only buy Coke products at McDonald’s [SOUND] and only Pepsi at KFC? [SOUND] Or why consumers are willing to pay a premium price for fair trade chocolate and coffee. Supply chain sourcing determines all of these realities. It enables manufacturers to build preferred relationships with vendors and procurement departments to monitor and insure regulatory, quality, ethical and safety compliance in a global economy. I’m Rudi Leuschner with Rutgers Business School and I’m excited to teach you about sourcing, holistic sourcing. Every company from the multinational Johnson and Johnson to my local Kimberton Whole Foods heavily relies on their ability to build and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with their supply base. With good relationships comes lower cost, higher quality, and more dependable supply. If you’re considering a career in supply chain management, are already in the field, or are simply fascinated by how companies leverage their partnerships with their suppliers this course is for you. [MUSIC]

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