1. What is Supply Chain Planning?

Imagine you’re a pastry chef at the local bakery. How many croissants are you going to make for tomorrow? Or you own a gas station, how many trucks are going to stop here to fill up? Supply chain planning answers all of these questions. It’s the foundation of all other supply chain tasks. Sourcing, operations and logistics, all of which depend on the accurate prediction of demand. I’m Rudi Leuschner with Rutgers Business School and I’m excited to teach you about planning. [NOISE] [MUSIC] Precision planning. Precision planning [SOUND] every company from your local buttery bakery to the multinational all in gas corporation Exxon Mobile must be able to match supply with demand. Without planning all other links in the supply chain will be broken in any marketplace. If you’re considering a career in supply chain management, are already in the field or simply fascinated by how to forecast demand, this course is for you. [MUSIC] You.

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