1. What is Supply Chain Operations?

Ever wonder how Toyota became the largest car maker in the world? Or how many lemons get thrown out for every pitcher of lemonade?
Supply chain operations makes all of this possible. It makes it efficient for manufacturers to create perfect products while reducing waste in a global economy. I’m Rudi Leuschner with Rutgers Business School, and I’m excited to teach you about operations. [MUSIC] Smooth operations. [MUSIC] Every company’s success, from GE to Toyota, is built upon its ability to transform raw materials and knowledge through efficient processes into finished goods and services. The smoother the operation, the more perfect the product, the happier you the consumer will be. If you’re considering a career in supply chain management, or already in the field, or simply fascinated by how to improve and streamline efficient operational processes, this course is for you. [MUSIC]

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