1.1.8 Quality management

I know it’s silly but I love it more than just eating it.

I love to make it.

I’ve a recipe I love using.

I used to make it every Tuesday night.

Problem is I’m busy nowadays.

Work kids life gets in the way sometimes I miss the taste of my homemade pizza.

Heck I wish I can get someone to make that pizza for me.

Imagine if the guy across the street said if you pay me I’ll make it for you.

Yeah it’s a bit odd but let’s play with the concept before I approved the outsourcing of my homemade


What would I want to know.

Me before I let a neighbor cook for my family I’m visiting their house looking at their kitchen.

Are they clean organized.

What kind of cooking equipment do they have.

What kind of oven gas electric wood burning stove.

Is it different from what I have.

Based on the differences is there pizza likely to be as good hack.

It might be better.

How about the ingredients.

Will I do the shopping and deliver them the ingredients or will I let them do the shopping.

The recipe calls for things like cheese flour sauce will I provide them with particular brand names.

Stores prices if they buy the ingredients should I ask for the receipts so I can repay them for the

ingredients plus gas money or will I just include the price of materials into the total amount I pay


Have they ever even made a pizza before I might want to train them but perhaps they used to be a cook.

Maybe they know how to make the pizza better than I do.

As for the recipe will I give them specific step by step instructions.

Exact crust thickness.

Exact amounts of sauce and cheese.

How will they tell if it’s done.

What if I like a soft crust or something a bit more crisp.

I’ve made the pizza a thousand times.

I don’t need the recipe or the process but they will if I give them my private recipe.

Should I be worried about them giving away my secrets.

How about timing and quality.

If I get home at 6:30 will the pizza be waiting for me.

Let it just come out of the oven.

Or will it have to be reheated right before I get home.

How will the pizza be stored and then delivered to my home.

Let’s assume they make a good pizza and get it to me on time.

Can I trust the pizza and the service will be consistent over a long period of time.

Should we sign a contract.

Or should I just call them up each time I want them to do this for me.

Can I lock in a good price or do we really need to renegotiate the price every month.

This is just a short list of the issues that need to be considered and it’s likely you especially if

you’re cooking newsiest thought of dozens of other issues that would need to be considered before outsourcing

your home made pizza.

And this is just homemade pizza.

Imagine what companies like Apple and Toyota consider when making a decision about a contract manufacturer.

Next time someone tells you that outsourcing is all about finding the lowest cost supplier you’ll know


You’ll be able to ask them if they thought about design business processes employee skills employee

training reliability consistency manufacturing quality long term quality control facilities and equipment

raw materials and logistics.

If you think about it it’s sort of a wonder anyone chooses to outsource anything.

But in some industries where items aren’t really all that different.

A special breed of manufacturing companies exist they’re called contract manufacturers and sometimes

like a good chef they know how to make the item better than new.

For example a phone a television and a computer nowadays.

The differences between them really aren’t all that great.

Similar technologies similar parts and in many cases sold to the same customers if a contract manufacturer

can make one of those things they can probably make them all their suppliers can get them all the parts

they have the machinery and the human capital to do the job right.

And they can ship all these different items in the same trucks to the same distributors because a customer

that wants one of those items probably wants the other ones to outsourcing is never an easy decision.

But contract manufacturers do their best to make outsourcing less stressful and in some cases more practical.

So let’s bring the outsourcing decision back home.

Think about those household activities you already outsource.

Or would love to outsource cleaning yardwork laundry pest control babysitting and certain home repairs.

Why are those things the ones you’ve chosen to outsource.

Did you choose the most expensive contractor.

Probably not.

But did you shop around for the very lowest cost.

Or do you pay a little extra for quality and peace of mind.

Are some of those things outsourced because you know others can do them better.

If your company is weighing an outsourcing decision be sure you ask the right questions.

Look low cost is a great motivator to outsource but not considering all the other factors and outsourcing

might come with an enormous price tag.

Jim Rohn Sứ mệnh khởi nghiệp