1.1.33. Summary and What’s Ahead

Well, that about does it for our course developing the opportunity. We hope you’ve enjoyed participating in the course as much as we enjoyed developing these materials. We also hope that while you appreciate the intrinsic risks and uncertainty that plague entrepreneurship that are intrinsic to entrepreneurship, that you appreciate that there are some tools, methods, and approaches that you can take that increase your chances of success and help you manage the risk and uncertainty. In addition to the materials in the videos, there’s lots of ancillary resources that we provide on the course outline on the course website. We also hope that you’ll take the remaining courses in the specialization. In addition to this course, we have a course on launching your start up, in which we tell you how to actually get this opportunity into something that you can actually offer to customers and start to get a feel for whether you’ve achieved product market fit. The third course in the specialization is growth strategies, and we’ll teach you how to take your initial, fledgling venture, and grow it into something that’s financially sustainable. The fourth course in the specialization is financing and profitability. A fifth element of the specialization is the Capstone Project, in which we give you an opportunity to actually identify and develop your own opportunity and take it forward to the point where you can actually launch the business.

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