1.1.15 Lean systems

Let’s take an inventory of our lives what are the things that many of us need to do every day job school

family time friends shopping for food and other essentials eating exercising showering traveling from

one place to another.

Even if you are extremely organized.

Getting everything done is pretty impossible.

And then there are the days when something unexpected happens.

You get into an accident your kid gets sick someone offers you a ticket to the big game tonight.

A snowstorm hits your plane is delayed.

How do you deal with welcomed and unwelcome surprises.

I guess what I’m asking is are you making the most of each day.

Are you getting the essential things done.

Are you able to deal with emergencies.

And are you allowing your life to expand in positive directions.

What do most of us do to cope.

We develop routines we develop schedules.

Those are good things.

They help us build efficiencies.

They help establish priorities but a life with too much routine and a life that is too scheduled grows

boring and what’s worse it doesn’t allow us to take into account the world around us is changing.

That’s a very sad thing for our life.

We may be forgoing great opportunities a great job offer we might not take an opportunity to see a game

or a movie that may give us great memories for the rest of our lives or we may not take the opportunity

to go on a date with that wonderful person we met today.

Companies struggle with the same issues as companies grow.

They build a long list of responsibilities and they develop plans schedules and repetitive business

processes to keep things flowing in the right direction.

But as I just said too much routine and too much scheduling it gets boring and it doesn’t allow companies

to see how the world around them is changing.

That is death for a company.

How can companies make the most of every day and still be on the lookout for opportunities to get better.

Well how can you do that in your life.

First develop a set of goals and priorities that make you feel good about yourself.

These will be your guys in moments of doubt.


Constantly educate yourself.

Smart people make good decisions.

Now that you’re smart.

Empower yourself to take risks with all that in mind.

It makes it much easier to throw out the clutter in your home at your office in your schedule and even

in your personal life.

You now have the tools to lead your life to simplify your life and get better at the same time.

It’s really not that much different for companies.

Does your company have well-established goals that make employees proud.

Does your company value curious and educated employees.

Does your company trust the smart incurious people to take calculated risks that seek to make the company


Smart focused and empowered employees are the key to clearing company clutter excess inventory quality

defects slow and broken processes.

As you can see lean supply chains clear the clutter that gets in the way of organizational opportunity.

Jim Rohn Sứ mệnh khởi nghiệp